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Mens Wellies

Mens Wellies

Mens wellies are available in this section.  The selection of mens wellies is quite extensive however we have selected the boots that we feel offer the best value and durability for male customers.  This list is not complete and if you are looking from mens wellies and cannot see what you are looking for then please do call us on 0118 973 6905 and let us see if we can point you towards a suitable pair of mens wellies

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Aigle Parcours 2 Mens Wellies Brown

Aigle Parcours 2 Mens Wellies The all new mens Aigle Parcours 2 wellies offer a completely new experience in wellington boots comfort. Aigle introduced the mens Aigle Parcours wellies in 1996 and it has now become Aigles key model when men buy wellies.  In 2012 Aigle...

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Bogs Classic High Olive Mens Wellies

Bogs Classic High Olive Men's Wellies The bogs classic green men's wellies is probably one of our most popular neoprene wellington boots.  The boot is constructed from high grade rubber which is flexible, light and very durable, indeed Bogs are so confident in their...

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Bogs Mens Ranch wellies

Bogs Mens Rancher Wellies The Bogs Mens Rancher Wellies are a North American boot, neoprene lined for warmth and comfort.  The inside of the welly is lined with an efficient wicking lining which is used to help control the internal temperature of the wellies.  The...

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Bogs Ultra Mens Wellies Full Height

Bogs Ultra Mens Wellies Full Height The Bogs Mens Ulta Wellies combine all the high specificatiosn expected of a pair of mens wellies.  Theses mens wellies have their roots in teh American dairy industry because the boots are ligh in weight, warn and above all can resist...

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Mens Wellies Chore 2K In Green

Mens Wellies Chore 2k In Green The Chore 2k is an ideal mens welligton boot as it combines strength with warmth and comfort.  This particular boot is ideal for most outdoor activities and will offer many years of trouble free service.  The neoprene lining adds...

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Mens Wellies Chore Black

Mens Wellies Chore Black Mens Chore Wellies are available in two colours both black and green.  The Chore is a high quality mens welly and combines many features that we now expect when buying mens wellies.  The welly has a tough durable sole which will last in most...

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Mens Wellies Edgewater Wellington Boot

Men's Wellies Edgewater Men's Wellington Boots The Edgewater is a great new men's wellington boots from Muck boots and combines all the features that we would expect to see in any high quality men's wellington boot.  The Neoprene lining forms the basis of...

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Mens Wellies Muck Boots Muckmaster

Mens Wellies Muckmaster The Mens Muckmaster wellies are  lined with a sandwhich made up of neoprene and airmesh.  These mens wellies will give you lots of grip in the muddiest of conditions and at the same time keep your feet warm because of the lining.  This...

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Mens Wellies Woodland Green Standard Fit

Mens Woodland Green Wellies Standard Fit The all new Woodland Green is a great entry level rubber mens welly.  The Woodland standard fit has a narrower calf than teh wide fit however it does make a supperb durable.  AS with all mens wellies you should measure the calf...

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Mens Wellies Woodland Green Wide Top

Mens Wellies Wide Top In Green Made By Woodland The wide to mens wellies from Woodland are an ideal wellington boot for general use.  The wide calf makes fitting on bigger legs much more comfortable.  The lining is made from a polyester knit so can be washed. ...

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Mens Wellies Woodland Neoprene Lined

Mens Wellies Woodland Neoprene Lined This particular welly from Woodland is a great entry level mens wellies.  The neoprene lining makes this mens welly boot much more comfrtable and much warmer so a great mens welly for all outdoor activities.  AS with so many mens...

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Woodland Navy Wellington Boot

Woodland Wellington Boots In Navy The New Woodland wellington boots are a quality boot, they are knee length boot with a standard calf fitting and have a hard wearing rubber outsole for grip and protection.    Made fom rubber   Waterproof   High grip rubber...

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Woodland Navy Wide Calf Wellington Boot

Woodland Wellington Boots In Navy The New Woodland wellington boots are a quality boot, they are knee length boot with a generous calf fitting and have a hard wearing rubber outsole for grip and protection.    Made fom rubber   Waterproof   High grip rubber...

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Mens Wellies

It is so difficult choosing mens wellies indeed I would say it is near impossible with all the styles that are available

Your shoe size

I think probably the best advice that we can give you is to make sure that you know his correct shoe size so that whichever mens wellies that you order you can make sure is going to fit comfortably.  We think the best guide that you can have when choosing mens wellies is if you have a pair of branded walking boots.  You should order your shoe size in mens wellies if you walking boots do not have a Vibram sole.  If they do have a Vibram sole then look at the EU shoe size and order your mens wellies one Eu shoe size smaller than the Vibram sole unless your mens wellies state that they have a Vibram sole in which case you would order the same size. 

Calf Circumference

The next biggest problem is calf circumference.  It would be a good idea to measure your calf prior to ordering your mens wellies.  Measure round your calf with a tape measure in cm.  You now know your calf circumference.  When you have selected your mens wellies and prior to purchasing them you will see a tab in the product detail that states sizing.  Click the tab and find your shoe size and check the calf circumference.  Make sure your mens wellies are least 1.5cm larger than you calf so that the boot is comfortable when you put it on.  If you choose a mens welly that has a stretchy neoprene to then any will fit providing your calf circumference is not more than 46 cm.  If your calf is larger than this then you will need to contact us so that we can direct you to the correct product. 

If you have any odd fittings, for example wide ankles or any other such problems then please email us explaining in as much detail so that we can physically measure the mens welly prior to purchase. 

Providing you follow the guide above you should have no problem with the fitting of your mens wellies and now the main thing is to decide which mens wellies will fit you. 

Which mens wellies should I buy

This does all depend on what you will be using your mens wellies for.  We have listed below a few categories that we feel most men use their wellington boots. 

Mens Wellies for Gardening

If you are going to use your mens wellies for gardening and in particular for digging then you should look  at brands with strong soles and if possible reinforced in steps as digging is very hard on any wellington boot.  Probably one of the best would be the Edgewater which is made by Muck Boots.  The instep is very reinforced plus the tread is very open so that the mud fall out very easily unlike cleated soles

Mens Wellies for Working

Men working wellies need to ne a heavy boot and if on a site you should always look at buying the safety mens wellies which can be found in the safety section.  If working with Dairy then look at the Bogs Ultra as this particular grip has been designed to give maximum grip on hard surfaces with animal waste on even liquid manure.   As an alternative dairy farmers should look at the Aigle Parcours 2 as this again offer superb grip on many surfaces and can withstand the acid found in animal waste.

Mens walking wellies

Mens walking wellies need to be light, durable and comfortable.  They should have a tighter bridge so that the heel of the welly comes up with the heel of your foot.  This is almost impossible to do in a wellington however many brands do get quite close to this.  The key brands that we feel are the best walking wellies are Aigle or Bogs.  Both have a tighter heel and bridge with a narrow ankle however the Bogs will cater for wider ankles because of the extra neoprene that will compress when worn.